What is translation?


Translational research represents the interface between basic research and clinical development. The goal is to enable the latest findings from basic research to lead to new therapies or diagnostic procedures for patients in the shortest of times. At the same time, questions that arise during the clinical practice are fed back to basic research for systematic analysis.






Artificial immune cells

Artificial dendritic cells against intracellular pathogens

As long as pathogens or other invadors swim in the blood or stay in the tissue liquid, the immune system can react easily: immune cells identify and eliminate these cells immediately. But if they are able to enclose themselves into cells, they are almost invisible for the immune system. Only a special kind of dendritic cells can find these pathogens. TWINCORE scientists have succeeded in making cells like this - for a better understanding of their function and - later - to assist the immune system in the case of intracellular infections.



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