What is translation?


Translational research represents the interface between basic research and clinical development. The goal is to enable the latest findings from basic research to lead to new therapies or diagnostic procedures for patients in the shortest of times. At the same time, questions that arise during the clinical practice are fed back to basic research for systematic analysis.






German-Argentinean cooperation blossoms out

Zweiter Deutsch-Argentinischer Workshop

The second German-Argentinean Workshop, which took place together with the TWINCORE-Symposium, was a complete success for our German-Argentinean cooperation. The beginning of this international collaboration was a meeting in November 2012 in Buenos Aires. The second workshop in September was the motive for the return visit of an Argentinean science delegation. This meeting also was a successful platform for new contacts and collaborations ? for example a new cooperation between the Argentinean and German societies for immunology. Our scientists are looking forward to a continuation of this intercontinental scientific liaison ? the next meeting will be in Argentina in November 2013.


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