What is translation?

Translational research represents the interface between basic research and clinical development. The goal is to enable the latest findings from basic research to lead to new therapies or diagnostic procedures for patients in the shortest of times. At the same time, questions that arise during the clinical practice are fed back to basic research for systematic analysis.


Parliamentary evening

The support of politicians is required for researchers to establish a vibrant research network such as the translation alliance in Lower Saxony.

The Ministry for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony is an active supporter of TRAIN. To ensure that the more than 150 members of the Lower Saxony Landtag are also informed of the pioneering developments in biomedicine the translation alliance invited them to attend a parliamentary evening at the Leineschloss castle.

Science met politics on 23 November 2009. Moderated by TRAIN Managing Director Marc W. Hentz, the spokespersons of the partner institutions presented their role within the alliance and the current developments in life sciences in Lower Saxony.

Over music, good wine and canapés the parliamentarians then conversed with the researchers present. An encounter between two different worlds, which is probably why it was so successful...

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