Added value and aims

Which qualification and career perspectives can be achieved by the training programme?

Are you employed in the scientific or medical arena of translational research? Through the training course of study “Translational Research and Medicine: From the Idea to the Product” you can link yourself with the local institutions and experts – you will become a part of the translational community in the region of Hanover-Braunschweig. Station yourself competently and comprehensively within the field of translation. Acquire relevant knowledge quickly – learn to optimise your project interfaces and to efficiently accompany your projects to their successful conclusion. Learn from the best people within the field of translational research and rotate from one institution to another – a stepping stone for your career.

  • After completion of the course of study, our graduates are in a position to execute a systematic assessment of the potential for a medical procedure or product to make the transition from research to medical application and/or commercialisation.
  • You are aware of the aspects of quality assurance and the legal framework conditions and are, on this basis, able to evaluate and make decisions. Your project work becomes more efficient thereby. Our graduates are attractive employees for the translational sector since the entire value-creation chain of translation is portrayed through the content and subject continuity between the individual modules – the graduates will have ultimately become acquainted with this value-creation chain as an interlinked tapestry. Furthermore, the graduates expand their technical and methodological competencies through practical exercises in the laboratory.
  • In addition to the theoretical and practical qualification, the graduates expand their personal network through the offered rotations in external institutions of their choice. Moreover, the participants have the opportunity, through soft skill elements of the continuing education, to acquire interdisciplinary competencies and to make use of individual coaching for further development of their personal career.


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Conception and educational management

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