TRAIN network

A lively scientific network across institutional borders

The Translation Alliance in Lower Saxony is more than just a network of research institutions - TRAIN is a lively scientific network that transcends the boundaries between institutions. Twice a year, the heads of the partner institutions and representatives of relevant research areas meet at the TRAIN meeting. These meetings provide stimuli for the bio-scientific development of the region, set up working groups and make the necessary decisions for joint work.

In the working groups, scientists develop new forms of collaboration. It is irrelevant which institution they work at - the only thing that matters is the common goal: to combine the strengths of biomedical research in the region in order to make research results more quickly accessible to patients. The TRAIN Omics initiative, for example, was created in this way. TRAIN Projects are identified within the working groups and the TRAIN Academy is also a cross-institutional collaboration of the ten partners.


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