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Translational research & medicine: from idea to product

The curriculum "Translational Research and Medicine: From the Idea to the Product" is a two-year, career-oriented education program aimed at scientists, physicians, and professionals who work in the industry and government organizations. In contrast to PhD students, young researchers have only a limited range of education and training opportunities available to them in the first phase after their doctorate. We want to close this gap with this continuing education program. We offer you a program that helps you to orient yourself in the broad field of translational health research and to develop a career path that is suitable for you.

The training program will provide participants with skills that are essential for translational health research. Participants learn to systematically evaluate the potential of new medical procedures or products for medical application and commercialization. They will gain an overview of the steps and measures necessary to move from an idea to a product. They network with the central contact persons in the region. And they qualify themselves as competent contact persons in their institutions for translational issues. In addition, the TRAIN Academy supports the participants in their personal and methodological development. Key Note Lectures by prominent speakers link the modules. On the one hand, the Key Note Lectures deepen application possibilities and current translation topics, on the other hand, they offer the members of the curriculum the opportunity to establish interesting, supra-regional contacts.

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Start of the new class

24 October 2024

Registration starts in summer!


24 months, approx. 200 compulsory hours, start every October

Target group

Professionals from science, medicine, industry, the government with at least 2 years of professional experience

Information and registration

Angela Bortenreuter, 0511 22002 7112

  • Part-time curriculum: October 2024 - October 2026 (24 months; approx. 200 compulsory hours)

  • Target group: Professionals from science, medicine, government, industry (at least 2 years of professional experience)

  • The courses take place weekly, usually on Thursdays. Part of the courses can be completed online via videoconference.

The curriculum is designed as part-time continuing education and is therefore not suitable as a continuing education measure that is funded by the German Federal Employment Agency (Agentur für Arbeit).

Regular participants: 2,400 € (TRAIN partner institutions); 4,800 € (external participants) for all lectures of a curriculum

Guest students from teaching / science: 750 € (TRAIN partner institutions); 1,500 € (external participants) each for a maximum of 15 lectures

Participants for single lectures: on request

Professionals from the industry: 1,200 € for 10 events from the curriculum within one year, surcharge for additional events on request

The overall curriculum is approximately 460 hours. To receive your certificate, we require a total of 200 hours - including rotation and self-study. Each of the modules must be taken to achieve the certificate. The required 200 hours can be supplemented by elective courses, transferable skills, key note lectures and coaching & consulting.


Angela Bortenreuter
Coordination TRAIN Academy 

+49 511 22007 112

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Christiane Bock von Wülfingen
Conception and educational management

+49 511 532 7902

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