The TRAIN Omics core team

When Göttingen University Medical Center joined the TRAIN network in 2022, the TRAIN Omics team structure was also redesigned. Since then, each of the three TRAIN locations (Hannover-Braunschweig-Göttingen) has been represented at TRAIN Omics by a local spokesperson. The three site spokespersons, together with the speaker for omics technologies and big data, form the TRAIN Omics core team.

Coordination and project management

Dr. Sara Haag

TRAIN speaker

Area of ​​omics technologies and big data

+49 511 5350-8385

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“TRAIN Omics offers a unique exchange platform for natural scientists, doctors, data scientists and data managers, which helps ensure that the latest methods and technologies and the insights gained from them reach patient care as quickly as possible.”

The local spokespersons

Prof. Dr. Thomas Illig

TRAIN Omics Hanover site spokesperson

Scientific director of the Hannover Unified Biobank

Hannover Medical School

+49 511 5350 8451

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“Decreasing costs in omics technologies mean that ever larger patient cohorts can be examined. This also increases the amount of data that needs to be stored and analyzed. Systematically storing and making the large amounts of data available for current scientific research and subsequent use at a later point in time are among the major challenges of the next few years, which TRAIN Omics wants to play a key role in solving.”

Prof. Dr. Bernd Wollnik

TRAIN Omics Göttingen site spokesperson

Head of the Institute for Human Genetics

Göttingen University Medical Center

+49 551 39 7589

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“The number of omics-based methods has multiplied in recent years, so that hardly any location can offer all methods and technologies. Good networking and strategic agreements across locations are therefore essential to ensure cutting-edge research and to give all scientists (and patients) access to the latest procedures. Initiatives like TRAIN Omics make a lasting contribution to cross-location communication.”

Prof. Dr. Karsten Hiller

TRAIN Omics Standortsprecher Braunschweig

Head of the Bioinformatics & Biochemistry Department(AG Immunmetabolismus)

Technische Universität Braunschweig/BRICS


+49 531 391 55201

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Head of the Bioinformatics & "Standardization" department will play a crucial role in the field of omics technologies in the future, because this is the only way to achieve comparable and reproducible results that enable the sustainable use of the collected data in research and (clinical) application. TRAIN Omics will contribute decisively to the establishment of quality standards in the omics area across locations."

In the future, there will be a variety of opportunities for members of the TRAIN network to get involved in TRAIN Omics and help shape the network. The structures required for this are currently being developed.

If you are interested in working at TRAIN Omics, please contact us!

Contact person

Dr. Sara Haag
TRAIN Omics Speaker


+49 511 5350-8385

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