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CiiM lecture • TBA

Recent developments in translating scientific ideas into innovations that help individual patients


CiiM lecture • Cohorts-in-a-dish: Personalized cell lines for individualized medicine

Cohorts-in-a-dish: Personalized cell lines for individualized medicine


HZI • Friday Lunch Seminar with Gérard Krause

Digital Mobile Health Tools in Infection Research


Workshop on Computational Models in Biology and Medicine • 7-8 March 2019 • BRICS, Braunschweig

This workshop intends to bring together researchers from different research areas such as bioinformatics, biostatistics and systems biology, who are interested in modelling and analysis of biological systems or in the development of statistical methods with applications in...


Friday Lunch Seminar – Alice McHardy

Machine Learning in Infection Research



Vorlesungsreihe - Regulatorische Wissenschaft und Translationale Forschung • TWINCORE, Hannover

Dr. Christian Schneider,

Direktor des National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC) in Großbritannien,


"Erstanwendung am Menschen von biotechnologischen Arzneimitteln"


Ilona Fleischauer - Academy-Expertin für Qualitätssicherung und -management in den Ruhestand verabschiedet

Dr. Ilona Fleischauer ist TRAIN Academy Referentin der ersten Stunde. Seit 2015 hat sie die Teilnehmenden der Weiterbildung "Translationale Forschung und Medizin: Von der Idee zum Produkt" im Modul 2 „Quality assurance“ in die Geheimnisse guten Qualitätsmanagements und der...


Rebirth • The Human Glycome Project – Exploring the New Frontier of Personalized Medicine

The majority of proteins are glycosylated and their glycan parts have numerous structural and functional roles. This essential posttranslational modification is generated by a complex biosynthetic pathway comprising hundreds of glycosyltransferases, glycosidases, transcriptional...


DZIF bioinformatics workshop: shotgun metagenomics and metatranscriptomics

We are pleased to announce the next DZIF Bioinformatics workshop: “Shotgun metagenomics and metatranscriptomics”.

The workshop will take place Dec 10-12 at the BRICS in Braunschweig. On Dec 13, you can analyze own data with our help.



Aufbaukurs Konfliktmanagement

Thema: Konfliktmanagement

Uhrzeit: 9:30-16:30h

Ort: TWINCORE Hannover, Seminarraum im EG

Teilnahmegebühr: Teilnehmer TRAIN Akademie Kostenfrei, Externe: 250 Euro